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Meet Artist Rob Zilch

Rob Zilch, A Professional Artist

Rob Zilch, A Professional Artist


An Experienced and Talented Artist.

As an accomplished artist and graphic designer with decades of experience, Rob is especially innovative and talented. He has always had a passion to paint and creates beautiful portraits the traditional way of freehand artwork, using timeless techniques and his skillful hands. Rob utilizes illustrations and focuses on unique and custom subjects, as he let’s his heart speak through his hands.

Creative. Adaptable. Dynamic.

Rob paints artistic renderings of everything from a child’s portrait to homes, pets, hobbies, landscapes and more. As an avid outdoor cyclist, Rob carries his energy and eye for capturing the beauty and color into all of his artwork. Rob uses watercolor, acrylic and oil painting styles on high quality paper, canvas or hardboard panels. Rob is continuously moving in new directions as he customizes his style to your specific project. He enjoys adapting paintings by blending different photos together, adding or removing background and subjects to adjust to your preference. Check out Rob’s Portraits Gallery. >

Rob is based in Webster Groves, MO.

Rob lives in Webster Groves where he also works from his home studio. He is a devoted family man, with a beautiful wife and three lovely daughters ranging from Middle School through College. Rob is an enthusiastic cyclist participating in national and local bike rides for supportive causes.


Rob’s standards are high.

In whatever Rob is determined to do, he puts forth his best efforts and his entire heart is right in the center. Rob brings much camaraderie, inspiration and enjoyment to his family, friends and all those who benefit from his beautiful custom works of art.

Rob Zilch and His Family

Your Special Photo Becomes A Beautiful Heirloom Portrait

Transform your special moment or special someone into a beautiful handmade ever-lasting custom work of art. Rob’s Portraits will turn your precious photo into a stunning portrait with watercolor, acrylic or oil painting styles. These are one-of-a-kind heirloom paintings that could be passed down for generations. Portraits are customized to any image of your choice such as families, children, pets, weddings, landscapes, homes, gardens, travel, bikes, cars, boats, sports, musical instruments and more.

High Quality

Your painting will be made by Rob Zilch, a professional artist with decades of experience. He is very creative and talented, and customizes his painting styles of watercolor, acrylic or oil to your specific project. Rob creates artistic renderings of everything and continuously receives high praises and recommendations.


100% Painted by Hand

Rob Zilch creates the painting the traditional way of simple freehand artwork in front of the photo. He focuses on unique and custom subjects, using timeless techniques and his skillful hands. No computers are used and it’s the real thing! These are one-of-a-kind heirloom paintings that could be passed down for generations.

Free Customization

Artist Rob Zilch customizes your painting by blending different photos together, adding or removing background and subjects to adjust to your preference. Rob does these adaptations free of charge and as a complimentary service to provide the best details and highest quality for your one-of-a-kind handmade portrait.

Affordable Pricing

Rob’s Portraits offers the most competitive price to customers, yet you get the highest custom handmade quality paintings. Prices are kept affordable by working from photographs and offering artwork in easy to frame standard sizes. Pricing is based on portrait size and painting style of watercolor, acrylic or oil, starting as low as $100.

Quick Turnaround

Rob’s Portraits are made locally and have quick turn-around times. Rob will discuss your time frame with you to help meet your needs for any deadlines you might have.  Arrangements are made based on your timing and Rob’s availability. Just let Rob know of any special occasions or your time preferences, and he will gladly work that out with you.

Perfect Gifts

Portraits make wonderful personal gifts and can become an heirloom passed down for generations. Your treasured portrait can bring joy and a heartfelt remembrance for many occasions such as anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, new home and any holiday. Everyone will love it!

Painting Styles that Create Stunning Portraits that Last

You may be wondering which painting style or medium you want your portrait to be completed in. Much of that is personal preference and Artist Rob Zilch will discuss your options with you. Select from Watercolor, Acrylic or Oil Paintings. Check out Rob’s Portraits Gallery. >

Watercolor Painting

Watercolor art is a very powerful way to showcase beautiful subjects especially children, pets, homes and anything near and dear to us. This is a popular medium creating works of art that are inspirational, even emotional, and display brilliant and vibrant colors.

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Watercolor uses paints that are dissolved in a water solution and dry quickly. The colors are usually transparent and appear bright because the pigments are laid down in a pure form of water with few fillers concealing the colors. With using the water, the paint moves and goes where you want. The color does amazing things on it’s own while drying, yet is controlled. It has a certain sparkle as you move it across the paper. Rob uses heavy weight watercolor paper with attention to the finest details in his watercolor paintings.


Acrylic Painting

Acrylic painting has a natural sheen and luminous glow that makes artwork really gorgeous and bright. Acrylic paints especially look stunning on canvas. It brings out the shine and vivacious colors in a portrait. Acrylic paints can brilliantly show off action-oriented subjects such as bikes, sports and outdoor beauty.

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Acrylic painting is the newcomer to painters and has been around since the 1940s. Before that, artists painted with oils and watercolors. But acrylic has much flexibility and is becoming the standard for all levels of painters. Acrylic painting works with polymer based paints and are utilized on just about any surface. It can dissolve in water and has a short drying time. Acrylic paints do not require paint thinners for diluting and can be applied directly onto canvas. Rob uses high quality wrapped canvas or canvas paper for his radiant acrylic paintings.


Oil Painting

Oil painting is a beautiful medium that has been known to have an appearance of museum fine art. It’s buttery glosses, thin luminescent glazes and rich colors are unique and bring out special qualities in artwork. They can especially look striking with landscapes, people and architecture.

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Oil painting has been around for centuries. It uses paints that are binded with a drying oil. The most common oils uses are linseed oil, poppy seed oil, walnut oil and safflower oil. Different oils help with different drying times, different sheens and gloss. Several different oils can be used in the same painting depending on coloring and effects desired. Oil paints stay wet long and provides flexibility to start a painting and come back at a later time while the colors are still moist and blended together. Rob uses high quality wrapped canvas or canvas paper for his brilliant oil paintings.


“A wonderful painting of me bicycling on Grant’s Trail by Rob Zilch. The photo was originally taken by my daughter Katie. ”

Robert Anderson